Pork Cutting & Deboning 

SFK LEBLANC Pork Cutting and Deboning Solutions include:

  • Main cutting systems with super cutter, middle saw, and band saw and other optional equipment such as hind foot saw, foot circular saws and derinder machines.
  • Pace deboning systems for multiple operators, performing deboning, derinding, trimming, etc. of main products such as hams, shoulders, bellies and loins.

    Key advantages:
    • Minimum manual product handling
    • Operator job rotation
    • Uniform products
    • Short introduction period for new operators
    • Improved yield optimization
    • The pace concept dictates production rates
    • Easy access for cleaning

  • Individual deboning systems for one operator performing both cutting, deboning, and trimming. The standard version of the table offers the possibility of using up to nine trays for sorting out of products.

    Key advantages:
    • Sturdy structure
    • Individual, height-adjustable cutting plate
    • Easily accessible tray holders
    • Possibility of pushing principal products onto transport line without lifting
    • Ergonomically correct design, adjustable legs
    • Service-friendly design
    • Easy for cleaning