Pork Primal Cutting

Off to a good start

The SFK LEBLANC Primal Cutting Line is for capacities between 100 and up to 1,500 pigs per hour. With the SFK LEBLANC state-of-the-art Primal Cutting Lines, it is possible to handle considerable deviations in pig carcass lengths. Besides efficiency and reliability, ergonomics and hygiene form the guiding principles for every SFK LEBLANC solution.

Automatically de-grambrelled, the pig carcasses are always positioned in front of the operator, aligned for cutting.

Why the SFK LEBLANC Primal Cutting Line is unique!

  • High capacity
  • High yield percentage
  • Uniform primal cutting
  • Minimum alignment
  • Possibilities of adding other operations
  • High hygiene level with easy access for cleaning and hygienic design of conveyors, tools, etc.
  • Improving work conditions for staff and reducing cleaning time are key factors in every SFK LEBLANC solution
  • Improved work conditions and high staff retention with ergonomic designs