Deboning lines for all capacities

In designing, constructing, manufacturing and supplying solutions for pork cutting and deboning, the objective at SFK LEBLANC is the highest possible cutting precision and the most efficient use of the operators.

For example, by thinking ergonomic in the design, SFK LEBLANC both ensures optimal working conditions and secures high staff retention. This gives you the opportunity to maintain high efficiency, productivity, and in the end, yield maximization.

In short the main advantages are:

  • High capacity
  • Minimum manual handling
  • High yield percentage
  • Uniform primal cutting
  • Flexibility and set for the future, with the possibility of adding other operations.

Hygiene and food safety

SFK LEBLANC cutting and deboning lines is in accordance with the strictest standards for hygiene and food safety: FDA-approved and HACCP regulations.

Software solutions

We offer various operating, management and information solutions with the cutting and deboning systems.