Greases & Oils

    To keep your equipment in optimal working condition

    SFK LEBLANC has a comprehensive range of high performance food grade lubricants in order to keep your equipment in optimal working condition.

    NSF H1 registered
    All our lubricants meet the strictest requirements of the food and beverage industry and are NSF H1 registered as suitable for use in food processing work environments.

    Our oils and greases do not contain any allergens (click here for listing of December 2015), ensuring our products can be used safely throughout the manufacturing process. 

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    Lubricants are more than just lubricants!

    By Esben Erlandsen After Sales Services Engineer, SFK LEBLANC

    Every professional, whether he be the service technician, the developing engineer or operator – or even the guy messing around with engines in his spare time – know that in order to ensure optimal working condition for any equipment, you need to lubricate with oils or greases on a regular basis. Even though this is not rocket science, it is strange though commonly that the use of lubricants still is based on best practice rather than knowledge. In many cases even with expensive equipment, the cost determines the quality and use of lubricants.

    Today lubricants are more than just lubricants. A full range of so-called intelligent lubricants is available. Lubricants, that consist of chemical technical additives that definitely make the difference between the usable and the excellent food grade lubricants. Roughly speaking natural wear is nonsense, as you with the correct additives can target any issue of wear and tear.

    In our context, developing and manufacturing high-tech costly equipment and equally having focus on maintenance and lubrication systems, add up. We have collaborated with the best of the best to be able to offer a complete range of lubricants that match the investment a slaughter project or stand-alone machine is.

    We want to address maintenance and lubricants issues at the initiating discussion of a project or acquiring a stand-alone machine, because when knowledge is the base, the odds of prolonging the performance of the equipment is higher.

    undefinedFor more information email Esben at or reach him by phone +45 76 34 27 03.