Unique and controlled stunning

We have developed a new generation of stunning boxes, paying particular attention to robustness and animal welfare.

Stunning box

NAWI stunning boxes are designed to enable cattle to be stunned efficiently, and ergonomically. The cattle are easily driven into the stunning box and are discharged by means of a unique integrated active discharge mechanism. The animals fall out of the stunning box precisely onto the landing platform for simple shackling. The boxes are low-noise and can be Siemens S7 PLC-controlled. The stunning boxes are available in various capacities.

It is also possible to:

  • Hydraulically/pneumatically adjust the box for all sizes and types of animal (cattle and calves)
  • Fixate the animal in an animal friendly way (including head fixation)

Ritual killing box

The NAWI Ritual Killing Box is certified for halal and kosher slaughtering and has the following characteristics:

  • Easy positioning of the animal
  • Good head fixation
  • Enables ergonomic cutting
  • The animal friendly slaughter causes the animal minimal stress
  • The carousel can be hydraulically adjusted to the size of the animal
  • The animals fall out of the box precisely onto the landing platform for simple shackling