Pig Slaughter

High-end pig slaughter lines for all capacities

We supply complete SFK LEBLANC Pig Slaughter Lines or deliver stand-alone machines to upgrade your existing plant. 

A complete SFK LEBLANC Pig Slaughter Line project includes:

  • Automatic lairage systems
  • Kill lines with

    • Pig CO2 stunning systems
    • Dip lift CO2 stunning systems
    • Blood collection systems
  • Machine lines for dirty areas:

    • Whipping machine for pre-washing
    • Pig Scalding systems such as vertical pig scalding, scalding tank, and
      spray scalding
    • Pig Dehairing system and Hair Separators
  • Machine lines for clean areas:

    • Whipping machine for dry-whipping
    • Flame-Off Singer
    • Dehiding machine
    • Automated “plug and play” Autoline slaughter machines and robots
    • Cooling areas
  • Fully equipped workstations

All machinery, conveyors, platforms, electrical installation and automation are included.