Stress-reducing environment

The SFK LEBLANC Lairage Design is a stress-reducing animal group wise handling environment from arrival to the stunning of the pigs.

With the SFK LEBLANC Lairage Design, you are ensured high and improved meat quality with the highest level of animal welfare and operational efficiency.

Why the SFK LEBLANC Lairage Design is unique!

  • Cost benefits due to minimum manual handling of pigs in automated or semi-automated solutions
  • Reduced labour requirements
  • High level of animal welfare and less stressed pigs in the stunning area secures high meat quality
  • Reduced noise level improves working conditions for the lairage operators
  • Improved inspection conditions


The SFK LEBLANC Lairage Design is available in the following options:

  • Fully automatic: Both lairage and runway are equipped with automatic gates
  • Semi-automatic: Lairage is manual and runway is equipped with automatic gates
  • Manual: All operations in the lairage area are manual with hinged gates