Kill Floor Automation

Maximum yield and short pay-back time

With more than 250 Autoline machines in operation, the SFK LEBLANC Autoline Concept has very successfully been implemented in the largest pig slaughtering lines throughout the world.

The SFK LEBLANC Autoline concept ensures uniform processing, accuracy and high-quality products. Up to 750 pigs per hours per machine, however there are no capacity limits, when putting the Autoline machine in series, you could increase up to 1,500 pigs per hour.

The SFK LEBLANC Autoline concept is a dynamic concept, as multiple Autoline machines can be fitted along the main conveyor of the kill line. Autoline machines and robots are all “plug and play”, and can operate in any type of new or existing pig slaughter lines.

With Autoline, continuous operation on the dressing line conveyor is maintained, as the Autoline machines are synchronized with the main line conveyor - so while carcasses by drop fingers are pulled forward, fixation and processing are performed.

Check out the various SFK LEBLANC Autoline machines and robots available in the dressing line